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We are extremely active in homebuilding, Young Eagles and warbirds just to name a few areas

For the homebuilders, we are home to 21 different completed projects and we have 13 different active projects under way.

We have the Sport Aviation-featured "Legal Eagle" ultralight and the Double Eagle Airplane. The Double Eagle is a "plans built" design powered by the widely available stock VW engine, that will carry 2 people with a useful load around 515 Lbs. It can be built and flown under the Light Sport Aircraft Category.

For the warbird enthusiasts, we have an authentic 3/4 scale P51 in progress.

Always a proponent of introducing aviation to the younger generation, 774 is extremely active in the Young Eagles program.

Since the chapter began organizing its Young Eagles Day events over 4,000 Young Eagles have been flown! It's hard to tell who enjoys it more: the kids or the pilots!

Another favorite event for chapter members is the Bald Eagle Days where members give each other rides in their aircraft.

A great time is had by all and you get to ride in that kitplane or warbird that you've always wanted to go up in.

To keep the monthly meetings entertaining and to help educate our members, we have featured guest speakers at each meeting who are experts in their field.

Topics cover such areas as composite technology, Space Shuttle operations, airshow flying, engine technologies, avionics, Cold War bombers and FAA Aviation Seminars just to name a few!

Volunteer support is essential to a great chapter, and Chapter 774 is fortunate to have dozens of folks who give their time and expertise to help the chapter function flawlessly.

Each year we host our Annual Dinner. Great food is accented with an awards segment where EAA Volunteer Service awards and Outstanding Achievements awards are given to the members who volunteer their valuable time to keep the Chapter and the EAA running.

Legal Eagle

From fly-ins to airshows, dinners to seminars, ultra-lights to warbirds, Chapter 774's motto is "Let's have some fun!" Support your local chapter!

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