Chapter 774

Houston, TX

Join US Steps

EAA Chapter 774 Members receive access to the NEW chapter web site ( * New Website * ) filled with current events and news about our Chapter.

Additionally each member receives an EAA Calendar, which is included as a part of the annual membership dues.

Membership dues are $25 per calendar year (by January of each year)

Step 1: Download our Application Form.

Step 2: Fully complete the required fields on the Application Form.

Step 3: Bring application and your payment to the monthly meeting and give them to our treasurer. You can pay your dues by cash, check or money order. Make checks out to EAA Chapter 774. Dues will be prorated monthly based on the month you join.

Step 4: This is FREE. Select menu item * New Website * to the left. Then on the right of the Meetup menu bar click on Sign up and follow the instructions to Join the new website.

You are Done! Welcome to Chapter 774.

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